A visit to the ashram of Nityananda Baba in Odisha. A very interesting sadhu with much mystic insight. He is accomplished in many forms of esoteric inner yogic sadhana and spends most of his time (20 hours a day) in meditation. In the future I will try to write some of my experiences with him, including a few mystical experiences which helped me to understand his position.

This video was recorded when we visited him on full moon night. He performs a special puja every full moon and new moon night, which lasts till the morning.

An interesting thing you can see in this video is the “yogic” arati, in which he is offering the flame through his internal meditation, over the area of the dhuni (yagya kunda), according to what he sees in the third eye.

If you wish to meet him, his small ashram is located in Chadheya village, near to Bhadrak city, in Odisha.

If you have any questions you would like me to ask him, please message them to me and I will ask them the next time I go to visit him. I hope to make a better quality recording next time I visit, with him explaining some aspects of yogic sadhana, and english subtitles can be included.