Sadhus and Siddhas

Update on Building Rooms for Sadhus in the Forests of Odisha

Last year we mentioned our desire to build rooms for elderly sadhus who had been staying for decades in the forests around the Bhola Giri mountain range in Odisha. We would like to give you an update on this project. With your assistance we have been able to help elderly sadhus staying at three ashrams in the jungles around this sacred mountain.

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Living Siddhas of India: A Visit to Nityananda Baba of Odisha

A visit to the ashram of Nityananda Baba in Odisha. A very interesting sadhu with much mystic insight. He is accomplished in many forms of esoteric inner yogic sadhana and spends most of his time (20 hours a day) in meditation. In the future I will try to write some of my experiences with him, including a few mystical experiences which helped me to understand his position.

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