This is a video of Swami Yogananda blessing us in 2017 about a year before he entered samadhi. He had become very thin compared to prior times I had visited him.

He was over 95 years old. He lived in a small hut on the Arunachala Hill, which was previously made for Ramana Maharshi’s mother to stay in.

In olden days, Ramana Maharshi was staying in the nearby Virupaksha cave and his mother wanted to be near to him, so devotees made this hut for her to live in.

Around the time of this video, Swami Yogananda kept telling us that he was leaving soon, and that he had been given some information that his time was over. Still we took it for granted and thought he would be around for a long time.

Any time we came to Tiruvannamalai he would let us stay in his tiny 1 room hut. Usually we were too many people, so some of us would sleep outside around his hut.

The month before entering samadhi he called one of his followers and gave him instructions for how to make his samadhi, what type of shivalinga to keep in it, and how to carry out the worship there.

His samadhi is located next to Yama Linga on the girivalam route.