ISKCON has become filled with unqualified jokers as gurus. As soon as they get the tinniest knowledge of sanskrit grammar, their egos explode and they think they are something great.

What type of person in our sampradaya will dare to anoint himself the “guru title” Kaviraja, when in our sampradaya Krishna Das Kaviraja, is the one known by that name.

In common usage the term may not mean much, but in our specific sampradaya it means something much more important, because of who held that title in the past.

This person was accidentally introduced at a lecture with the wrong name (appending Kaviraja) in 2004, and then 15 years latter he allows his neophyte disciple to “force him” to accept the title as his official guru title, so that he can feel distinct and special from the other Prabhupada disciples. This is the stuff of comedies.

None of these people are qualified for anything except the trash can.