The hidden purpose of Jallikattu protests is to trick hindus to hate cows that are not belonging to native breed, and thereby allow exporting of cow beef without objection from Hindus. This is why the protests have been supported by so many Christian and Muslim organizations.

Already I am seeing comments with people asking are the pictured cows native breeds or “worthless jersey breeds” that should be eradicated because they spread “poisonous A1 milk”. Some have commented when seeing cows being taken for slaughter in Kerala, “Those aren’t native breeds, so it doesn’t matter.”

Though it may look like the protests were to raise the importance of native breeds, the real purpose is to lower the importance of the majority of cows in the country, so they can be slaughtered without complaint.

They want us to believe the non-native breeds of cows are dangerous because they produce A1 milk which they claim is poisonous.

They want us to believe the high rate of cancers in India are because of A1 milk…. Not because of the gutka and tobacco everyone chews, not because of the illegal pesticides they pour on the crops, not because of the asbestos sheet roofing the government promotes for the poor which is banned in every country of the world, not because of all the food adulteration that goes on, not because of the fake medicines they find being sold in medicine shops, not because of the cell phone towers on the top of residential buildings every 100 meters in the cities, not because of using garbage land fills for residential housing, not because of the cancerous smoke from burning the city’s garbage collection within city limits. The cause of cancer in india is A1 milk. Its the logical conclusion for brainless idiots.

Practically the entire world drinks A1 milk, and it is fine. The milk you and I have drunk our entire lives is likely A1 milk, or a mix, even in India. You never felt sick because of it and never thought it was poison till you fell for facebook pseudo science nonsense.

In fact, most of us in India have been drinking Buffalo milk most of our lives. Surprised? In fact even the buffalo milk you have been getting under the name of cow milk is 80% of the time mixed with other things. Tests have shown 10% of all commercial milk in India contains soap detergent, and 80% of all milk in India failed purity tests – with 100% of the tests failing in West Bengal, Odisha and Bihar.

The poison you are drinking isn’t because of A1 milk. People have very creative ways of turning even amrita into poison for more profit.

This is not just a case of the blind leading the blind. This is the blind leading the blind based on a facebook status he half read and believed without checking any facts.

Milk is a miracle food, whether it is from A1 cow, A2 cow, buffalo or even goat. Nature did not make these as poisonous. If there is any poison, it is because of the hormones and antibiotics that humans pump into the cows to increase milk yield due to greed.