Arguing that jallikattu will save the bulls is like arguing that having circus elephants will save elephants. There is no logical connection with the conclusion.

Out of the crores of bulls in the country, only a few hundred may participate in such sports. You are not benefiting the mass of farmers, nor are you benefiting the mass of bulls in the country. You are only benefiting the gamblers who bet on such sporting events.

Implementing cow protection and enforcing a ban on cow slaughter is the only way to protect the native breed of bulls. There are already laws for it, but the government does not enforce it. It is written in the Indian constitution that the government’s duty is to protect the cows.

The people on every level are so corrupt and greedy, that they support the killing of cows every where in the country. The police take bribes to allow the lorries to carry the cows to Kerala, the farmers sell their sick cows knowing they will be slaughtered, the people allow beef briyani to be sold openly everywhere in most major cities. It is the people of India who have killed the native breeds of cows, and only they have the power to save it. Not some irrelevant sport exploited by gamblers.