“Ayurvedic Dog Food” is an Insult to Hinduism

The asuras have found various ways to insult and degrade our Vedic teachings. The latest is selling “Ayurvedic” meat for dogs. The Vedas have nothing to do with preparing meat for dogs. Just because you add amla fruit to meat it does not become Ayurvedic. Why aren’t Hindus filing cases against these companies for insulting Hinduism and the Vedas?

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The Bitcoin Scam: Enslavement, Plunder & Deceit

Bitcoin is a scam made by the asuras to drain humanity’s resources. It’s no different than how they make people to slave and dig the earth for worthless shiny stones like diamonds. Diamonds have no intrinsic value, they are a worthless stone commonly available in the earth. But by creating a false value for them in society they keep humanity’s energies enslaved mining that which is worthless. They do this repeatedly in many, many fields of human endeavor.

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