Unfortunately society can’t see that these are psyops underway by world governments to test mind control abilities through social media using manipulated “viral” movements to create an action in a population. They seem innocent, but these are all test runs before they weaponize it and use it for violent things like over throwing governments (just as they did with the fake “arab spring” uprisings).

All of these meaningless “viral challenges”, and “game addictions”, they are pushing in the news are tests to see if they can make a population carry out an action based on the perception that something is “viral” and should be copied.

Once people think something is viral (from being bombarded by the media and fake social media accounts ran by the CIA telling them its viral even though its not), they then cause a reaction in the people to do the thing suggested, thereby triggering it to actually become viral.

They start by testing it with innocent things like Kiki challenge, gay pride banners, video game absorption, etc. This helps them understand the algorithms and mechanical system to create a false wave, which perpetuates itself.

Once refined, the same technology can be used by them to create societal discontent, rioting, uprising, and even cause wolrd governments to be overthrown by “spontaneous crowds”.

They did this in the arab spring, but it was at a much more primitive stage at that time. Now they have refined this science so much. They have the power to create a civil war in the United States at any moment of their choosing. They have already planted seeds for it.