Nasa claims to be tracking 400 pieces of debris created by India destroying a satellite in space, with pieces as small as 2 inches. They want us to believe they can instantly track hundreds or thousands of tiny pieces of debris (as small as 2 inches) situated randomly throughout the vast space area above the earth covering hundreds of millions of square miles.

They can’t even find planes crashed┬áin the ocean right next to us, but they make up these stories that they can instantly located 2 inch debris in unlimited space.

They made a similar claim that they are tracking 3,000 pieces of debris from China destroying a satellite in 2007. They will instantly locate these 2 inch pieces of debris and then track them for decades 24 hours a day, as they move around the earth.

These claims are absurd.

Meanwhile in the same week they also say giant 30 foot meteors are sneaking up on the earth and blowing up, releasing 10 times as much energy as an atomic bomb without anyone noticing them. Their stories just don’t match up.

So they could track the random 2 inch particle instantly, but can’t see the giant meteors hurtling at earth.

Sure… atom bombs going off and no one notices it. In fact they say NASA had to be informed about it by the air force. NASA with all their technology tracking these 2 inch particles of debris had to be notified by the US air force that am atom bomb went off in space. They couldn’t see a 30 foot meteor hurtling right at their face. Maybe if the meteor had been a 2 inch particle of satellite debris they could have magically tracked it.