Protesters in Tamil Nadu want us to believe that PETA has a conspiracy plan to make all Indians drink A1 milk instead of A2 milk from native breed cows.

The irony is that PETA is a vegan organization that is against ALL consumption of milk. They are the only organization in the world that spends money advertising to the public against drinking milk.

But the Tamil protesters are convinced PETA actually wants them to drink A1 milk, and it is a grand conspiracy by PETA to make money for the A1 milk industry… Despite PETA spending millions of dollars on advertising to stop people throughout the world from drinking all varieties of milk.

Sometimes the simplest reason is the true reason. PETA was against Jallikattu because putting red chili powder in the eyes of bulls is cruel, breaking their tails to make them more aggressive is cruel, beating, prodding and terrorizing the bulls to force them to fight back is cruel.

PETA is equally against American rodeo, Spain bull fights, and ordinary circus performances that utilize animals. Recently in the United States the oldest circus group, Ringling Brothers circus, closed down after 100 years, and they cited PETA as a major reason why they were closing down. PETA had campaigned against keeping animals in cages for performing in the circus, and this awareness led to a decline in circus attendance.

The difference is when PETA campaigns against something in the United States the people there don’t make up a roundabout conspiracy theory to explain it. They just see the obvious direct reason, mistreating animals.

I don’t agree with PETA in regards to milk causing disease, but am just speaking in regards to protesters blindly creating a mob mentality to attack something without trying to see the facts of the case. Everything needs to be seen rationally with logic, not with blind rage and emotion.