The Bitcoin Scam: Enslavement, Plunder & Deceit

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Bitcoin is a scam made by the asuras to drain humanity’s resources. It’s no different than how they make people to slave and dig the earth for worthless shiny stones like diamonds. Diamonds have no intrinsic value, they are a worthless stone commonly available in the earth. But by creating a false value for them in society they keep humanity’s energies enslaved mining that which is worthless. They do this repeatedly in many, many fields of human endeavor.

A recent news headline states, “One Bitcoin Transaction Now Uses as Much Energy as Your House in a Week”.

Any energy humanity has they want to divert it to meaningless endeavour so it can not be directed towards God conciousness or even human betterment. There is no intrinsic value in a made up mathematical number. People will spend all of their energies trying to “solve” made up problems, when they could be using that energy to solve the real problems of humanity.

The electricity used to “mine” Bitcoin requires the burning of actual fuel. Humanity is burning the world’s limited fuel to solve imaginary mathematical equations that have no purpose or value in society. Not to mention that the computational power of millions of the world’s computers are being diverted to basically run in circles, providing no improvement to humanity, no research or analysis of anything meaningful.

Another recent article states, “Mining Bitcoin now consumes more than 30 terawatt-hours of power globally, which is higher than the individual energy usage of 159 countries.”

Elsewhere we see, “The computer process that generates each coin is said to be on pace to require more electricity than the United States consumes in a year.”

The asura’s theme is to create artificial scarcity in human society so that they can enslave the population. Once they create electricity scarcity, then they will start to charge us higher rates for what is actually cheap electricity. Electricity prices will go up, right when electric vehicles are taking off. “Oh, we can’t give the poor electricity, we are too busy mining imaginary Bitcoin equations that are intrinsically worthless.”

If you can create a higher value for electricity usage, you can then charge people more for what was essentially very cheap. You create a fake value system so that you can boost the price of something that is not actually rare.

This is the real purpose of the Bitcoin, and it is given to us by the same asuras who run the world governments and the banking system. Anything the media promotes, which is owned by them, is obviously in their interest and from them.

The divine God given system for humanity is simplicity and freedom from bondage by being self sufficient in our food and necessities. All of these falsely created complexities are introduced by the asuras to make us dependent on their system for existence, to enslave us and make human life a struggle for existence.

The asuras who control this earth treat humanity as farm animals, and they aim to milk out all varieties of energies produced by mankind – physical labor, mental energy, human resources like energy, etc. They have coralled us into a system where we are nothing but farm animals struggling for our survival, and they are harvesting us and our byproducts. They have created the entire system of society, taxation, labor, medicine, banking, etc., so that it keeps humanity as a resource that they can farm.

What about those who have profited form investing in Bitcoin?

The world bankers encourage gambling by rewarding some few so that others can be lured into the system, before they pull out the plug and cash out on the hard earned money of the sheep. Its no different than the stock market where they can control the prices due to their immense purchasing and selling power. They choose which direction anything moves. They profit when it goes up and they profit when it goes down. But to do that they need to lure in the sheepish hard working members of society. Anyone who profits, does so on someone else’s money. The money you get when you sell out came from a real person. Someone worked and slaved to earn that, and he gives it to you in hopes that his gamble will pay off and he can take someone else’s money.

33 comments on "The Bitcoin Scam: Enslavement, Plunder & Deceit"

  1. Sue Baker says:

    Thank you. Very interesting ,,,,gambling is forbidden in our Sai Baba fraternity

  2. Sue Baker says:

    Thank you very much,,,,I thought as much Gambling is one of the seven deadly sins

  3. Kgb says:

    Nice article !

  4. Shakshi says:

    electricity is as much a fiction as crypto currency. It seems you forgot that as you focused on Bitcoin.

  5. sreeraj says:

    I would request everyone to first understand the current financial system run by fractional reserve banking.

    And then tell me if all fiat currencies ( USD/EUR/INR ) are ponzi scheme or bitcoin.

    Please do your due diligence.

  6. geevarghese.s says:

    Nice article….

  7. William G Benedict says:

    Yes BITCOIN is 100% gambling; there is no intrinsic value at all. I have not taken part in it and I will not take part in it.

  8. k szydlowski says:

    I don’t know anything about it and that’s fine with me. sounds like a bunch of hokum . . .

  9. Russ says:

    Crooked Bankers, crooked lawyers, crooked industrial Food, chemical pharmaceutical producers tied to crooked arms dealers, supported by crooked politicians, enforced by crooked cops, & a population enslaved by a crooked judiciary & hoodwinked by a bought & paid for crooked media, which works for all of this slime! An establishment of frauds, smoke & mirrors.

  10. Manish Parekh says:

    From 7 bln people few customers are easily attracted to bitcoin ; but government should curb any currency by annindividual. Ita not a product ro do barter system. Almost like cheat funds where atlast scam comes out. This is big so will take time but may be very fatal.

  11. Siddhartha Abhimanyu Ramanuja Acharya says:

    Did you forget that Everything is illusuary? Even gold and paper money and by extension all of us are so focused on the external that we forget that moksha is within us. What we seek is within. Read the 72 verse of the 14th upanishad if you’re interested

  12. Krishna Hansraj says:

    Great article.

  13. christina degano says:

    the principle behind this article is a larger and divine truth & with it, I very much agree….what i would like to gently state, however, is that buying bitcoin is not necessarily gambling. Bitcoin as other cryptocurrencies are here to stay and are slowly becoming accepted as mainstream ways of payment & in many ways better than paper. Regardless, the article is true and great. Two seemingly opposite truths are not always mutually exclusive.

  14. Ram says:

    Good article and insight

  15. Beir Bua says:

    Yes we know that it’s all a fraud but it’s a new type of fraud which may serve to redistribute the concentration of wealth from the insanely rich around the planet to the poorer people at least some degree. And in the longer term perhaps its applications may have benefits which are not immediately apparent. Being stuck with a fervent ideological or religious belief is similar to having an asura sucking the energy out of any other system and seems to me to be just as debilitating

  16. Roodradev Sharma Dabeedeen says:

    Unlike Bitcoin, OneCoin is traceable and accountable.

  17. R Nanjappa says:

    Carlyle called economics “dismal science”. We may call it “deadly trap” because modern economics is pure bunkum, not a science; and its effects are deadly. But today, we are captured by the system at birth and we are not free to opt out!
    Every arrangement of the economy is designed to deprive man of his independence, and make him slog for his living while others profit out of his labour. Every modern industry is a nail in the coffin of Nature. Every endeavour other than natural agriculture is pernicious. We keep destroying Nature and call it development.
    Not only Bitcoin- but every item in the financial system is a form of fraud. Even our money is only a promise- it has no substance behind it. It is a fraud practised on the people by the governments. Bitcoin differs from it only in degree. Both are demonic.

  18. Mangala says:

    Humanity in the present age is completely in the clutches of artificial and unnatural systems completely against the order of will need a lot of introspection to be able to get out of this matrix.

  19. Jeffrey says:

    It’s the greedy and the foolish who will be the sheep to the slaughter but the worst thing is this bitcoins collapse could cause a far worst damage to the economic system that is already pretty rotten…

  20. Seshan says:

    Please reconsider your opinion about diamond and ratnams especially after seeking advice from God.

  21. Sitarama ganesh says:

    Money itself has no intrinsic value but
    only exchange value. Everyone knows that they cannot eat drink or breathe paper currency. But economic theories are brought about everyday so that economic slavery be there. After industrialization we started facing problems. After information technology there is speed in every activity of our life. High way signs say “Speed thrills but kills” but we do not recognise that in our daily life. Those who accept the system will have to endure its rules and play the game. Those who do not subscribe for it should jump out of the system and carve their own path. This is what meant by sanyas.

  22. Yogi says:

    Dont agree with the article. Everything said here is also relevant to any form of currency or precious metal — gold is one example. We worship Goddess Lakshmi and she is the goddess of Gold or Kuber who is a Dev of Wealth or think bigger it is all Maya created by Krishna.

  23. Padmaja says:

    Excellent, it is true.

  24. B.RadhaKrishna says:

    An eye opening article. Thank you. BRK

  25. Mansukh says:

    Excellent article!!!

  26. P.V.A.P SWAMY says:

    Jagath(world) like bit currency is virtual(unreal).
    Bit stands for a binary digit which means either it is zero or one.
    Hence a bit coin is a digital coin.
    Thus bit currency is digital currency.
    Jiva(being) signifies a bit coin.
    Jiva)/bit coin is a true representative of Jagath/digital currency.
    Eswara as Ekam and Nityam and Nijam is Aadhaaram(basis) for Jagath/Jiva(unreal).
    Eswara as infinite in time and space is in all Jivaas(beings) as Atma(Self).
    We can earn bit currency and spend bit currency online. .
    We can do online transactions in the form of purchases and sales using bit currency
    Exactly on the same lines Jivaas(beings)take birth and meet death.
    As Atmajulam(children) of Eswara, we are all Atma Swarupam. The reason being Eswara is Poornam and Poornam generates only Poornam. Atma Swarupam is our Nija Swarupam(real form) and as such we are immortal.
    As Poorna Swarupam we are beyond any Vikaaram(change) like childhood, youth or old age. This fact just similar to the state of a person who is fully satisfied on eating tasty food of his choice does not find tasty any more. Here the taste signifies Vikaaram because a person overpowered by hunger enjoys food to full satisfaction irrespective of taste.
    Eswara is Chidaananda Rupam. As such we are also Ananda Swarupam.

  27. Satyaban says:

    I don’t like being the one to say it but this article is little more than Modi’s wrong headed policy to BTC. I use BTC to make purchases frequently. To follow this to it’s irrational conclusion all investments are gambling.
    It is so simple, people can use BTC or they can choose not to. Why this writer is so against BTC is hard to understand when there is no compulsion to use it.

  28. Mahesh Bhatt says:

    No technology is bad its user & intent can be good or bad & that’s where Humans Attitudes to look at bad naturally in isolation is bad.Why did bitcoin come? who drove the same?Who owns & what’s the intent?What are the benefits? In any field nothing succeeds like success & we need to go deeper.
    Blockchain as Technology is already in major SCM programs of MNC’s.Better platform is now evolved ie Etherum.
    The larger challenge is Human’s have devalued Business with failed western Capitalism & senseless selfish Socialism. view Values for Wealth at kirticorp & youtube user kirtidabhatt Mahesh Bhatt

  29. HeroZero says:

    What then do you suggest as to how ordinary people can invest their savings? Thanks

  30. Beep Beep Bzzzzzzzzzzzt says:

    It’s interesting that geo-magnetic storms arising from coronal mass ejections such as the ‘Carrington Event’ of 1859 are forecast to increase in frequency and severity over the grand solar sunspot minimum that is ramping up now. One direct hit by a strong CME and the whole electro-data grid will just melt and short-circuit from the excess charges in the atmosphere. The unearned ‘wealth’ held online will disappear or be rendered worthless in an instant.

    NASA knows that the solar minimum is upon us and that as such the coronal mass ejections risk is elevated and rising.. What sort of fool gambles against the sun?

  31. Vaikunthanath Dasa says:

    As this kaliyuga progresses such demonic acts like bit coin gambling and much more will take place till tenth incarnation of Lord Krishna takes place and destroy all these demons and bring Sathya yuga back
    Hari Bol

  32. Sunil Lakhani says:

    The Current Global Banking system is a SCAM too. They print worthless paper and call it Money.

  33. Kunal bhardwaj says:

    Good work

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