These series of artworks in which they try to whimsically portray the Hindu Gods in dark skin tones, as opposed to their scriptural descriptions, is a modern liberal foolishness. They are trying to promote a skin color by forcing it onto a Hindu God or Goddess. It is as stupid as if I made Krishna a white man with blonde hair and then said “white power” at the bottom (instead of “Dark is Divine” as this artist has done). The physical appearance of Goddess Lakshmi is described in various dhyana shlokas, so we don’t have to portray her in political ways to satisfy our material identities.

There are expansions of the Goddess who are completely black, some are blue, and some are golden. It has nothing to do with a mundane human’s ordinary skin color, whether brown or white. Sri Sukta describes Goddess Lakshmi as “hiranya varnam harinim”. She is “golden color”, not black, not brown, not white. Creating images of Goddess Lakshmi that are against the shastra are insults to the Goddess and insults to sanatana dharma. These type of artworks are being done to fulfill political agendas, and not out of devotion.

dhyayet suvarna varnabham trinetra charubhasini.

Goddess Durga is described as svarna ranga, golden color.

Sita devi, described in Ramayana as “kanaka varNAngI”, golden color.

atha maha saraswati dhyanam… shrirasthu || ahsthabahum shubravarnam… she is described as “white color”.