The Ganja Conspiracy

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I say the following as a person who does not use ganja and has no intention to ever use ganja:

All governments in the world know tobacco is the number one killer of the poor throughout the world, yet not a single country will ban it.

Meanwhile ganja, which has medicinal benefits in certain circumstances (arthritis, etc.), is illegal in all countries despite not causing any serious health problems or deaths.

The reason for this is that the governments cannot tax ganja, since anyone could grow it themselves without the need to purchase a factory product like cigarettes.

Since they cannot control the money, and since it would reduce people purchasing pain killers and other medications, they prefer to demonize its image and make it illegal.

The governments of the world profit off of the suffering of their poor citizens. They profit off of the addictions they have made their citizens take up, like cigarettes and alcohol.

These products are not simple to prepare in the home, so they are the perfect addictions for the government to use to extract money from the poor.

The government is a drug pusher, just like any drug pusher on the streets of Chicago. The only difference is they use their legal powers to monopolize the selling of drugs and jail any small timer who tries to enter the same line of business.

A pack of cigarettes costs only 4 rupees to make in India, but they sell the same for 125 to 250 rupees, targeting some of the poorest communities in the country.

Likewise, the other deadly products pushed by the government such as chewing tobaccos, alcohol, etc., which the government has an absolute monopoly on. All of these products are targeting the poor laborer class of people.

Since the government can’t collect “tax” money on their income, as they are below the poverty line, the government has come up with this strategy to tax them in the form of deadly addictions.

Without fail, nearly every single laborer in the country will use one of these products each and every day. They are paying taxes to the government each and every day, while bringing themselves closer to death by consuming these poisonous products.

The government doesn’t care about their citizens, and especially not the poor citizens. The asuric rulers have only one interest, that is to extract as much revenue from their enslaved citizens even at the cost of their very life and happiness.

Smoking kills more than 1 million people a year in India. In 2016 around 270 people died in India from terrorism related incidents. Compare that to the 1 million who died from smoking cigarettes. Add to that those who have died from alcohol and chewing tobacco. The people are sheep, who are given false priorities while their ship is sinking.

When a rich person gets cancer, he can go for medical treatment involving chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and the use of advanced medications. When a poor villager gets cancer, do you know what treatment options they are given in India? They are given some pain killers and left to die. I have seen it many times. In some case they will do an operation where they cut off some part of their body, which doesn’t cure the disease at all. The poor are being victimized by the government in order to steal their money in the form of taxes on addictions.

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  1. Doonwati Singh says:

    Sir, I’m not a smoker and I’ve never smoked a day in my life and neither does my brother nor my late father ever did but I do agree with you 100% and no one is doing anything about it; life just goes on normally.
    What are you going to do about it, anything at all?

  2. Sylvia says:

    Totally or mostly disagree with this article. Marijuana is not harmless, it affects the Doshas immensely. It is a powerful medicine that should be used appropriately otherwise it is extremely harmful. I also believe the government wants to keep it illegal for the exact reason that ‘rebellious’ people will use it and it then causes the ‘rebelliousness’ to die down because of the Kapha increasing element of the plant. Please don’t be fooled – don’t use it unless you have a medical condition that can benefit then use sparingly and appropriately as you work on an actual cure for the condition.

  3. Oscar A says:

    Great, the true must be known…

  4. Vipul Prakash says:

    Absolutely correct.

  5. Ranjan Ramakrishnan says:

    You are frank and I appreciate. But people are not that smart and angelic as you think. People are selfish careless and would like to indulge in all things where they see the rich does. The rich has great family and financial backing. But poor citizens have no backing, their existance depends on God only. It is a very complex situation my brother. We cannot complain on any one as this is a bad habit and one does not like to substitute things to continue the habit. Partly it is the smokers who are to blame too. India unfortunately the government does not care for any thing. I had written the granite blocks (rocks) are coming into the western world in large quantities and this will be disaster for India as the western ghat and eastern ghats combined with Aravalli and Vindhya ranges,(which are 2/3rd erased due stone querries) create our climates and mainly monsoon. If these majestic mountains are erased out disaster will face our India. No regular monsoons already acute water problem persists in India now and it is going to increase fourfold as the unscrupulous destroy them for construction material. The ghats are the body part of India!

    We have to stop to query them as they are vital for India to survive as a nation.

    People should walk in millions toward the vidhan sabha’s of all provinces as well the Parliament of India in New Delhi and urge the leaders get serious and ban the export of raw granite and finished products made out of granite. Our construction companies are plundering these mountains in a big way to use as gravel in cement for concrete. They don’t care use natural resources for cheap monies and charge in crores for flats and in the process damage ecology and India.

    My friend some one soon has to take a lead and stop this completely to protect India. Jai Hind!

  6. Nakuleswaran says:

    ‘Smoking causes cancer’ is that based on statistics or on proof of nicotine promoting growth of tumor/mutations of body cells? What does Ayurveda say?
    About ganja are the observations made here based on research?

  7. Durga says:

    thoughts about the ulterior motives and intentions of the ruling class have always hovered in my mind and this confirms it. if it is based on facts then it is surely a cause for alarm. Now since it is written by a Bhaktha then i think is it not time for Lord to descend on the earth

  8. Chandran says:

    Well said we are only mute spectators

  9. Jai Sharma says:

    Radhe Radhe! Yes, I agree with the statements made in this article, completely and thoroughly. It’s very true. One point is missing – how much the law enforcement body exploits people altogether.

  10. Priya says:

    “Kohinoor of plants/herbs ”
    Cannabis | Marijuana | Ganja

    This holy plant also known as our beloved God- Shiva’s prasad has been a part of our planet even before humans existed.
    This is a plant which grows out of the Mother Earth ( Can’t believe I have to write this as this is the basic difference between “drugs” and this “plant”)
    In 2017 over 14 countries have legalised this plant on the basis of its medicinal properties but India, the land which is known to use this from the beginning of its civilisation ( read VEDAS- Ayurveda) and also offer it to its Gods. But has prohibited it because of a proven psychopath in the world history-NIXON A US President infamous for many of his actions.

    It is really sad to see the mankind( read- pharmaceuticals/ MNCs, etc.) is so busy minting money by selling and injecting us with slow poison that anything that harms their existence needs to be seized and label as hazardous where in it’s the other way round.
    For ages they have mixed real chemicals and drugs in our food, water, clothes and every other material and yet they call that one simple plant a threat to humanity !
    The truth is- this is the only plant that can save the planet Earth and its earthlings from being destroyed and becoming extinct!
    The prohibition of something that existed even before we were placed on this planet itself is a joke on various levels.
    Now to become specific to our country where Ganja is used by lakhs of sadhu, sages and holy men directly makes them all CRIMINALS. Yes you heard me right! The people most Indians are scared to rub on the wrong side as they are said to be the catalysts of higher energies, as per Government’s eyes due to this law are labelled criminals because this holy plant falls under schedule 1 drug even now !!
    To make it clear- Schedule 1 drug basically stands for substances which have no medicinal values and only damages your system.
    There you go- have a good laugh and then continue reading this article.
    Cannabis before the prohibition which basically started from US was used as one of the primary ” medicine” for everything from fever, labour pains to surgery.
    Coming back to 2017- We have enough data, researches and patients from around the world who were/ are suffering from VARIOUS DISEASES/AILMENTS like cancer, seizures, epilepsy, tuberculosis ,leprosy to name a few and have not just benefited but also been cured in thousands and lakhs of cases.
    Being diagnosed with one of the above a few years back I got a first hand experience of what these pharmaceuticals are exactly doing to us.
    1 month of failed allopathy, immense pain and unable to move my neck due to the particles being in my lymph node(swelling increasing a bit every week INSPITE OF MY MEDICATIONS) I already gave up on life thinking if they too can’t treat me/ heal me I am definitely going to die !
    This made me go back to a habit I had controlled for sometime of smoking cannabis for recreational purposes. I vaguely remembered how it used to ease my body pain during such smoking sessions before I was diagnosed with anything, mainly during my menstrual cycle or for random body aches etc as it uses to relaxes my muscles and eased the pain out. Though honestly I never went researching back then why des this happen.
    And as my allopathic medication was not doing anything to ease it either I resorted back to cannabis.
    To my amazement within a week of smoking it I saw a visible reduction in my pain and a slight movement in my neck, I continued my medication for another 2 weeks along with cannabis smoking and I could see the difference already. But I also noticed I was still dull, slow, still unable to have a proper conversation without stammering and forgetting( somethings which had started post my medication and not the disease itself)
    As an experiment on myself I stopped my medications completely and switched to cannabis for a month, smoking 3-5 joints a day to see what it does without the medication inside my system.
    That was the last time I also had those disastrous medications( it was suppose to be a year long course ,) ☺️
    Within a few days my swelling started to reduce and my body started to feel normal. I was able to not just move my neck but also felt better, ate, and finally could process conversations like earlier instead of not being able to understand half of it !
    2 years and am healthier than ever, all of this by smoking the food of our Gods.

    Due to financial difficulties I could not afford flying to a country where the oil was legal and unfortunately in our country I did not have access to people who could help me here( let me again remind you – because it is prohibited!!)
    Now as per my own observation I could have died of something which was EASILY CURABLE BY THIS PLANT but I had no access to it because the government has still not updated their research logs.
    I am just a single drop of water in the ocean of the treated & healed patients of this magical plant !
    But let me tell you this plant can do a lot more than just saving lives by medicating- this is also the best alternate for plastic, gasoline,cement,cotton and is a super nutritional food ( for a country where kids are dying every hour due to malnutrition), fibre( to create cloth and cover the bodies of us mortals), cement( hemp cement is more strong and leaves no carbon footprints), WAIT FOR THE BEST ONE – bio fuel !
    With every passing day the prices of fuel is going higher and it’s emission into our atmosphere is making the entire planet not just sick but also leading us towards global warming which would finally mean the end of us all.
    It’s yet not late to turn to our scriptures for answers which have mentioned the powers of this “herb”.
    India is known to be a county of multiple climate zones, and guess what- it is also apt to grow different strains of cannabis from Kashmir to Kozikode and Nagaland to Maharashtra.
    “Kohinoor of herbs” will not only save the patients and decrease their suffering but also revamp the country’s economy giving it the much needed boost and upper hand in creating its own hemp industry and generating employment for the unemployed, increasing the hospitality tourism( today most prefer cannabis treatment over allopathy for diseases due to the benefits-THEY KNOW!),lesser to no carbon footprints, own self sufficient bio-fuel industry and a conscious effort of leaving the planet better and greener for the next generations.

  11. sapthagiri says:

    What u said was truth.. But many people doesn’t know about this and they don’t want to know.

  12. Kirttan Lilamoye says:

    It´s true prabhu.

  13. chandru g advani says:

    such a wonderful guidance and support.We must listen and act asap.regards loves Chandru g advani yokohama japan

  14. Jayakumar S V says:

    Very well said Sir, this is the raw truth. But, how many would understand this or even dare to think of this? Culture and civilisation gone to dogs in this world.

  15. Sam says:

    The expensive nature of the cigarettes is because government wants to control the monetary sector of the society.
    I have personally seen what effect does ganja have on a human mind. So you think that humans should be allowed to be under ganja influence for as long as they like without any restrictions?

  16. Pt RamDas says:

    Shri Ram Jay Ram Jay Jay Ram

    Hari Om Jahnava Nitai Das,
    Your article is nice. But it did not indicate benefits of Ganja for health purposes. How it works and how the medicine is extracted or how the leaves can be used in a common household to avail the medicinal benefits of Ganja.


    very realistic article

  18. Vishal Iyer Sreenivasan says:

    Its an eye opener ,although we have all known this long ago.Thanks for the article.i do hope more and more people read this and an awareness is created.
    Alas!The poor ,who are the ones who are being taken for a ride,may never read this article.I hope there is some other way of educating them and making them aware of this.Good luck to that.

  19. Chandbhai says:

    Very true. Ms Priya also has wonderfully put it. Besides the skeptical comments os some who may have reservations regarding the same, please try combining it wirh neigong, taichi reiki and dhyandharna and you will know the beauty and value of the divine plant.

  20. karthikeyan says:

    smoking in any form/material is not good for health.

  21. Suresh says:

    If any one whether it is poor or rich smokes a cigarette daily minimum 5 t o 10 cigarettes will start the work immediately after the smoking. Ie what ever the job he is doing. what about ganja or other who consume this substances immediately he will travel in to another world.Ie moon or mars.another 8 to 10 hours he will not do any work.::) is body become don’t mislead the people. Actually the ghost out as should ban cigar also.

  22. dilip says:

    i think this debate has only one answer if it wad goos for Shiva it cant be bad for us

  23. jay pillay says:

    As a retired nurse who worked with young people affected by smoking marijuana, i can say that the mental processes of their brains were messed up.Depression and lack of clear thinking was affected in all cases.

  24. Vamsibihari das says:

    So grateful for this eye opener…my mother is suffering from various diseases… Could anyone help me find ways how to use this herb for her…pl contact at

  25. maitreya says:

    There is a condition called self control and use of volition of one’s own mind. Hindus are the most ancient and mature people that have existed on this planet. They know all about nature and its various offerings. Article and some comments are very accurate. The govts. are in control to abuse people and thats the reason they need massive money to spend on wars and control of people and other countries. The world we know is very far from nature and people are now consumers of silly garbage sold as consumer products and pharmaceutical medicines when in reality they are the cause of most damage done to body and mind.

  26. Swasti says:

    I have been a school teacher and kids who have abused ganja ended up in terrible situation with some being in mental hospital. If it is medicinal then a Ayurved doctor knows how to prepare it. Please let our community be safe.

  27. RAJESH NIRMAL says:

    I am 100% agree. You wrote very good.

  28. Lea Darren aka Lalita Nandini says:

    I do agree with some that ganja should be medicine but I would be very nervous legalizing it. It is true that it disrupts life airs. In some people it can also cause psychosis later. Now, my case here. When I was 15 years old, a guy gave me joint to smoke with powerful ganja. I was halucinating greatly fo couple of hours and was highly paranoid. It was not something else but it was my first time trying pot. Since then, I had clinical depression for 2 and half years with several suicide. attempts.
    Now, another thing, surgery for cancer, chemo and radiation doesn’t help people for long until they die. Only very few. This is another big agenda of demons, to kill most and reduce population and make big money to control the foolish. The chemo and radiation drugs are the only ones that doctor in Usa get the big cickbacks on selling them to patients. Big business just like vaccines are. Educate yourself from people The Truth about Cancer. Thank you, devotees should know better.

  29. Parthasarathy Ganapathi says:

    In India “taxes” are there in several forms. But the most surprising type of tax is “DEATH/DISABILITY TAX”. MAY BE YOU ARE WONDERING about what I am writing. It is simple. Government has not banned production of Cigarettes/Beedis/Cigars and many other tobacco products. People are allowed to SMOKE ( for themselves and others around them ). Governments collect heavy tax on smokers by way of tax on tobacco products. Thus, the smokers/tobacco chewers/snuffers etc., pay heavily for death/disability. Thus the production from tobacco has many beneficiaries. Government, Producers and Sellers, Doctors, Drug Shops etc., Considering all this, a SINGLE cigarette or beedi, the production cost of which is negligible) would cost A THOUSAND or more to the user. (cost of cigarette+taxes, cost consultation+medicines, cost of suffering everything included ). Therefore it the people who use tobacco products who should think seriously about this and decide for their own (& that of their families ) welfare.

  30. leon fernandes says:

    Unfortunately the government has become a commercial company reflecting profit & loss. Welfare has been ignored. We are very much interested in churning our billionaires. Governments of the world are of the fools, of the fools and by the fools.

  31. Uday Shankar Choudhary, Advocate says:

    As far as ganja is concern I had been opposing any drugs all forms of Narcotics. Being a Lawyer I never supported/defended any Drugs case as facing the problems of Drug addict as my brother was addict to it. Later on I find ganja is being used by most of the the Sadhus. I being my self a sadhak of Ma Kamakhaya and worshiping 10 Mahavidya, While praying Ma Dhumawati I always used Cigarette as offering as I felt cigarette being more safer then Ganja, but later on in my Sadhana I found ganja was more demanded by mother instead of Cigarette. I was mesmerised, When deep in meditation i asked this question to mother the reply was, it controls sugar and apatite, increases concentration in meditation further it was directed to use only at the time of Sadhna, but for those who are always on sadhna (mansik,मानसिक ) for them anytime they wish. I being strong in my hatred towards narcotics, I asked few of my sadhak friends to use it likewise and the results were very positive. Thereafter I delisted the offences of Ganja from the category of NDPS Act, and now I defend the cases of Ganja as I believe that it is not harmful to human being, but excess of anything is bad.

  32. Uday Shankar Choudhary, Advocate says:

    Ganja should be used for the purpose of Yog not for Bhog. For the purpose of Yog the effect goes to the brain where सहस्त्र दल exists and at the Bindu it activates the bindu from where great cosmic energy accumulated is being released. And when used in Bhog, it effects brain and heart together and heavenly body including brain comes to stand still, and part of brain works only for the purpose of forms of dreams. No spiritual gain can be achieved while in Bhog.

  33. vaisanava das says:

    If a movement is started to ban tobacco and to use ganja it will work in will save the poor and the rich and India will become the first country in the world to legalise ganja and ban tobacco.The country can survive without the taxes as GST will soon add to the coffers of the government.We need a powerful leader to start this movement now!

  34. Dr Pandey says:

    Capitalism is creating a violent destructive society (poverty, wars, personal and social destruction) Cannabis will divert people away from politics and reality. That’s a trick, a trap to enslave people more.

    This campaign for cannabis has started in all countries. Not strange, it’s a plan. Here it is presented with an indian frame. Don’t be fooled.

  35. Prof. N.S.Srinivasan says:

    You have rightly pointed out the facts on Tobacco. it is big business. The present ITC’s profits in the foregone days was thru their varied brands of cigarettes. Like alcohol which is the source of revenue for all govts , evidenced by the way they cry onloss of revenue , thanks to Supreme court order to close down highway bars etc. .
    Pl bring out the uses of Ganja for medicinal purposes as pointed out by Pt. Rama Das . How it can be of great relief in the case of artharitis etc.

  36. Avnish Pandya says:

    Right now I know that you are spiritual, cosmic effect of the ganja, body Ora tharmostate temperature, blood pressure, I know spandkarika of Shiva, you are so sweet to mankind butganja is kamdhenu for govt

  37. Parthiban g says:


  38. G KUMARAN says:

    Am really surprised on reading this article.

  39. vellanki dasaradhi says:

    I too agree with the views expressed by the author. But it is not correct that Governments are collecting big taxes on the cigarettes and drinks from poor people because they are not paying any taxes. To control their bad habit only Government is doing this. But this is also partly true.It is true that Governments are getting a large amounts of their taxes on cigarettes, drinks and other drugs.Because bad habits cannot be stopped immediately but slowly.In this connection I remember that in Mahabharat when Dharmaraja was lost everything in the dice betting, it was banned subsequently.Corruption and smuggling will increase if the products of bad habits are banned.So it is better to control them by heavy taxing or putting the culprits in jail but the punishment should be long term as they may come out and resort to such things again and again.

  40. vellanki dasaradhi says:

    As to the lack of proper medical treatment for poor people, some governments have already introduced Health Schemes like Arogyasri Medical Cards like in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana for their free treatment in government and private hospitals. But more is to be done to augment the proper medical facilities and corruption needs to be reduced in Government hospitals. The cost of treatment in Private Hospitals is so high that middle class people cannot afford it. Govt. should control them by fixing the reasonable rates for the treatments.

  41. Swapan PURKAYASTHA says:

    80% of the plants and flowers in the Valley of Flowers is the Poppy plants. Now prove that the river flowing from here to meet the Ganga purifies the great Ganga ??

  42. Anthony says:

    Maybe we all could try collectively to gain a more benevolent attitude to such a divine and feminine part of the earth that is truly harmless. It takes a person of poor judgment to manipulate and abuse the plant just like the person(s) of better judgment can appropriately and medicinally help their lives. Standing away from both of those prospects is a venerable herb. Also, in the interest of full disclosure I am not a consumer of ganja.

  43. Satya says:

    Uday Shankar Chowdhary’s answer is the best. Ganja is a sacred plant medicine and must be treated as sacred and used with respect to the plant spirit and with the guidance of one who is attuned to this plant spirit. If abused or used without respect for the sacred spirit of the plant, as it most often is, it may not treat you kindly and there are consequences. Even water in excess goes from being the most healthful and life giving substance to something that can kill you. Also, like water, the quality and purity matters. Ganja can be healthful. It can be a great teacher. It can teach you the hard way if you have no respect for it. I say all this as a very moderate, very occasional ganja smoker. I’m not ashamed to admit that.

  44. BhaktaR says:

    but without the hindu government including spiritual life into public schools, they will never be able to produce a human being that does not need drugs! Isha Yoga center has made some attemps to teach yoga to the masses

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