A recent headline: ’23 died in Jallikattu in last one year’.

“The People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PeTA India) has written to the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister seeking a ban on jallikattu by citing the fact that 23 persons, including bull tamers and spectators, and six bulls, died in the last one year during the conduct of the sport.”

What happened to all Jallikattu protesters. They thought they would change the world by lounging on the beach for a week eating free food.


The sheep need to be given something that makes them think they are productive. They are told what to watch, what to believe, and what to protest by the powers who rule over them. They have no self thinking. When you plug them into the force fed activity, they think they are doing something relevant and important for the world.

They actually thought coca cola would be banned in Tamil Nadu. They actually thought they would save cows by holding Jallikattu fights once a year.

Meanwhile they are paying 550 rs to watch star wars in IMAX in chennai. Fools is too kind a word.

They control you so much that they can play you like a flute, and all your money drops in their pocket, while you think you have dominated the evil MNCs.

And at last you go back satsified that you won, back to slaving for some MNC company as a software engineer so you can spend your salary buying 5,000 rupees shoes from china.

They wanted to “save native cows” by torturing cows with violent jallikattu events, all the while selling beef on every corner of Chennai.