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The Bitcoin Scam: Enslavement, Plunder & Deceit

Bitcoin is a scam made by the asuras to drain humanity’s resources. It’s no different than how they make people to slave and dig the earth for worthless shiny stones like diamonds. Diamonds have no intrinsic value, they are a worthless stone commonly available in the earth. But by creating a false value for them in society they keep humanity’s energies enslaved mining that which is worthless. They do this repeatedly in many, many fields of human endeavor.

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Jallikattu Protests and Preserving Tamil Culture

On Friday, the Central government approved a draft Ordinance by the state government to make an exception for bulls in the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. The people are too foolish to see who is actually behind this. While putting on a show of supporting traditional culture, they are removing the bull from the list of animals protected by law. It is now legal to engage in cruelty to bulls as they don’t fall under this law.

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