Did you know that “A2 milk” is a trademarked name owned by the A2 Milk Company?

Did you know the test to determine if a cow produces A1 or A2 milk is developed and patented by the A2 Milk Company?

Did you know most of the health claims made about A2 milk and most of the negative health claims made about A1 milk are provided by The A2 Milk Company, which has an obvious conflict of interest since they try to sell A2 milk?

Did you know that the majority of Jersey cows in the world produce A2 milk, not the A1 milk that protesters claim?

Did you know that the majority of all crossbred cows in India produce A2 milk, again not the A1 milk claimed by protesters?

The irony of this is that the marina beach protesters spoke about freeing themselves from the influence of multinational corporations, while taking all of their information and statistics from a multinational corporation whose aim is to increase the sale of their A2 milk products.

Congratulations protesters, you just pushed forth the agenda of a multi national corporation while thinking you were spreading truth and awareness.